BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask
BoomFace™ LED Music Mask

BoomFace™ LED Music Mask

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Release your inner self and show your true colors with one of our BoomFace™ LED Music Masks. Using electroluminescent technology, we’ve matched art with captivating light patterns that react to sound. You can now become part of your favorite show, festival or even a family gathering and truly stand out from everyone else. A massive success on Kickstarter that raised more than $300,000 from backers across the world.

9000 years ago, the first mask was created. Used to either disguise or reveal a personality trait, masks are present in every culture throughout history. The BoomFace™ LED Music Mask takes it a step forward. 

It integrates art and technology into a very versatile device that mesmerizes anyone who sees it.  

The BoomFace™ LED Music Mask transcribes any sort of music and any type of rhythm into amazing Illuminations.  

These masks are easily wearable, foldable and adjustable. As a costume or music accessory for any occasion.   

The BoomFace™ LED Music Mask is powered by phosphorus ink paired with a lithium modulator. SO, what’s phosphorous ink? A material that consumes minimal power, is cold to the touch and emits a very captivating glow. This is the same technology that is used in watches to light its faces. The modulator converts the sound waves into programmed patterns creating pure organic light.

  • Sound responsive lithium modulator - Our most advanced piece of technology. The modulator is powered by a lithium-ion battery (DC5V). It is much smaller and lighter than our previous one, cutting the overall weight of the mask in half.
  • Adjustable straps - The straps are easy to set up and fits any head size.
  • Hidden cable - The cable is now completely hidden inside the strap. 
  • Protective foam - A 1mm piece of high-density foam, protects the mask, keeping the wearer comfortable at the same time.
  • Phosphorus layer - Phosphorus ink screen printed on a translucent conductor. 
  • Printed design - High quality printed colors applied on a PWB layer. 
  • Mask material: PC
  • Property: Dance Mask
  • Applicable age: adult
  • Cover mask: full face
  • Applicable festivals: Halloween, birthday parties, parties, etc.


  • 1x BoomFace™ LED Music Mask


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